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Toll Call Message Accounting (TCMA)

Powerful call billing, search and reporting software

The Toll Call Message Accounting module produces bills for toll calls directly from most switches and from media provided by many major telephone companies.  When combined with the Plant Records / Cable Records module, TCMA links all charges to the proper organization, including line and equipment charges. When combined with the Telephone Service Requests / Trouble Calls module, bills can include charges for installations, disconnects, modifications, and other user-definable services.

Web Bills provides secure access for users to view their telephone bills from a web browser.


  • Call detail processing from various switches/PBXs and carrier sources
  • Toll call charge-back to organization and telephone number
  • Detail toll bill production combining toll charges, line and equipment charges, and charges from work orders
  • Multiple customer types, such as official, tenant, contractor, residential
  • Configurable surcharges, discounts, and taxes
  • Monthly call detail database with unlimited history
  • Toll investigation and management summary reports
  • PIN (personal identification number)/ Credit Card Number billing options
  • Powerful inquiry with optional hardcopy and export capabilities
  • Call Matching compares carrier-billed calls to switch call data and reports on matched and unmatched calls
  • Detail toll bills and reports (by organization) suitable for electronic distribution
  • Flexible toll charge calculations - use simple per-call and/or per-minute charges, complex V&H calculations, or vendor's actual charges
  • Identifies call destination location, including domestic, international, and DSN locations

Current LSC, Switch, and PBX experience

Manufacturer Models
Avaya Communications Manager:
CM6 System 8800
CM5, CM4 System 8700 and older
Avaya (formerly Nortel) AS5300
CS-2100, SL-100, DMS-100
CS1000, CS1000M, SL-1, Meridian-1
Avaya (formerly Lucent) System 85, G3R, G2R, Definity
Cisco CUCM
Redcom HDX
Lucent 5ESS
Siemens EWSD, HiPath

Current carrier call data support

Carrier Format
Verizon FTS Call Detail, Power Bill, Bill Manager, Networx
AT&T Billing Edge, Cell Phone Summary
DISA/DITCO DSN, Long-Haul Circuits

If your switch/PBX or carrier format is not listed above, please Contact K&R. Our analysts have extensive experience interpreting call data.