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Plant Records/Cable Records (PR/CR)

Comprehensive, integrated control

The Plant Records/Cable Records module is a common database for circuits, organizations, cables and pairs, buildings, terminals, line equipment, and features with prorated charges.


  • Integrated tracking of circuits, organizations, cables/pairs, buildings, terminals, and fiber/microwave data.
  • Multi-level Inquiry program with new grid view capability allows selecting fields & multiple conditions for record selection, and returning multiple records to a grid display.
  • Line and equipment charge calculations with pro-rated values.
  • Line service history, historical cost, and charge details.
  • Inventory program for line equipment, spares, controlled equipment, and physical inventory counts using bar code readers.
  • Various pre-designed reports (including a cable record card) and an Enhanced Report Generator for user-designed reports.
  • Optional interface to new Directory Listings module, including automatic updates.
  • Enhanced for version 5.4.

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