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Enhancements in TMS version 5.4

Our R&D staff spent many hours developing new capabilities, enhancements, and expanded capabilities for version 5.4. Much of this effort was a result of requests from existing customers.

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Plant Records
Work Orders
Switch Support
Plant Records/Cable Records
Field changes (throughout) v5.4 v5.3 v5.2 v5.0
    Cable numbers 12 bytes standard optional optional N/A
    Cable numbers left-justified standard N/A N/A N/A
    Building numbers 9 bytes standard optional N/A N/A
    Inventory Item numbers 20 bytes standard optional optional N/A
    Work Order numbers 2 bytes added standard N/A N/A N/A

Record changes for v5.4
  Circuit records
    VoIP fields are standard LAN Room
Network Switch Port
Patch Panel
IPv4, IPv6 & MAC addresses
    Other fields added COR (Class of Restriction)
Voice Mail flag
Switch & Node identifiers
Type Set
Pending WO #
Installation WO # & Installer
Disconnect WO # & Installer
Email address
Other Numbers (3)
Directory Listings (3)
"Published" code
    NENA 3.1 fields added Customer Name
NPA (area code)
Main #
Alternate #
Call Back #
NENA COS, Type of Service, & Special Attention Code
Also rings At (location or address)
  Special Circuit records
    New fields added Origination and Termination Building #'s
Email addresses for Origination & Termination POC's
    Fields expanded CSA & CCSD increased to 20 bytes
Image File increased to 32 bytes
Remarks increased to 12 lines (previously 4)
  Terminal records
    Field expanded Remark increased to 40 bytes
  Cable-Pair records
    Simplified "Cross-connect from" link eliminated
  Cable-Pair Pending Update records
    Keys changed Now supports up to 99 cross connects on a work order
  Transaction records
    Sequence # expanded
to 4 digits
Allows up to 9999 month-to-date transactions per circuit (previously 999)
  Billing Account Code Master records
    New fields added UIC (Unit Identification Code)
TCO/IMO name
Billing POC
Other POC
Email addresses for TCO/IMO, Billing POC, & Other POC
    Fields expanded Office Symbol increased to 24 bytes
Funding amounts now include cents
  Building records
    New fields added Type location
    Fields expanded Map Coordinates expanded to support GPS locations
    NENA 3.1 fields added Cell Site ID
Section ID
Landmark address
  Terminals by Building records
    Sequence # expanded
to 3 digits
Allows up to 999 terminals per building (previously 99)
  Line Equipment records
    Simplified Internal cross linkages eliminated
  Line Service History records
    Simplified Internal cross linkages eliminated
  Inventoried Spares records
    New field added Committed quantity field added, which is updated real-time as spares are assigned to work orders and trouble calls
  Controlled Equipment records
    Fields expanded Key increased to 10 bytes & changed to alphanumeric
Serial # & Key Serial # increased to 30 bytes

New capabilities for v5.4
  Grid View Inquiry New inquiry option allows selecting fields, selecting multiple conditions for record selection, and finding multiple records displayed in a grid; available in maintenance and inquiry functions
  More XC's Edit support for 99 cross connects in grid
  Transaction History Transactions are stored for long-term reference during processing of TSR work orders, trouble calls and routine maintenance work orders
  Physical Inventory Support for physical inventory counts using bar code readers
  Ordering Redesigned Open Orders allows multiple items per order
  Receiving Support for uploading images when receiving inventory
  Directory Optional interface to new Directory Listings Module, including automatic updates
  E911 Database Export Support for NENA 3.1 for E911 export (optional feature)

Image Management
New capabilities for v5.4
  Receiving Attachments (e.g., a scanned image of receipt document) can now be uploaded while entering receipts under Open Orders

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