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Alarms Monitoring

Remote desktop switch and TMS system alarm monitoring


  • Alerts the user of Critical, Major, and Minor switch alarms.
  • SNMP v3 or v2 trap capture and decoding from VOIP switches and other devices.
  • Serial alarm capture and decoding from legacy (CS2100, SL100, SL1, etc.) switches.
  • Remote monitoring for installation on any networked PC.
  • Used-defined visual and audible alerts.
  • Expanded option monitors events related to TMS processes, such as Web ViaNet or Web Troubles submissions, SMDR recording gaps, and TMS call processing issues.

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NetAlert SNMP Sample
Monitoring components
Switch alarms monitoring
  VoIP switch alarms Modern VoIP switches transmit alarm messages across the network using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps. TMS can be configured to monitor these SNMP traps (v1, v2, or v3) and convert them to NetAlert SNMP-compatible alarm files through a service on the server. Licensed by switch.
  Legacy (TDM) switch alarms Older switches typically transmit alarm messages through a serial port. TMS can be configured to monitor the serial port and record the messages as NetAlert-compatible alarm files through a service on the server. If the TMS server is not co-located with the switch, the serial stream can be forwarded over the network using a Secure Terminal Server. Licensed by switch.
Environmental monitoring
  Asentria products We offer an extensive array of sensors to monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, smoke, power, doors, etc. Messages are transferred back to a central monitoring service or application over the network by SNMP traps. SNMP traps from remote devices can also be forwarded.
TMS alarms monitoring
  TMS Event Log Monitor The TMS Event Log Monitor is a service that monitors pertinent messages written to the Windows Event Log and generates NetAlert-compatible alarm files when they occur.  This provides visibility of important events to a TMS administrator.  It is a required component in a TMS version 5.4 implementation.  Licensed by server.
  SYSLOG support For customers that use a central SYSLOG server, TMS can be configured to send messages to the SYSLOG using an optional third-party software module.
Notification components
  NetAlert NetAlert is a highly-configurable desktop application that monitors multiple directories for new files. Each monitored directory can be configured separately, including the icons and sounds displayed, alarm serverity detection, and action to take on acknowledgement. Licensed by PC.
  NetAlert SNMP This enhanced version of NetAlert adds SNMP trap handling and uses MIB files to interpret the message. Licensed by PC.