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Traffic & Performance Reporting (TPR)

Performance Management

The Traffic & Performance Reporting module creates a database for detailed and summarized traffic analysis, including performance ratings.


  • Records all traffic reports from the switch.
  • Supports multiple switches and various switch types.
  • User defined parameters control the extraction of statistical data, allowing automatic identification of peak time periods and traffic patterns.
  • Processes in-bound, out-bound, or two-way trunk groups.
  • Produces detailed reports to identify busy hour and average busy hour.
  • Transfers peaks and totals to long-term history.
  • Search and display or print raw traffic reports.
  • Optional add-on calculates Elang-B Grade of Service and trunks needed.

TMS is currently certified for Perfomance Management on the following switches, PBXs and LSCs:

Manufacturer Model(s)
Avaya/Nortel SL-100, DMS-100
Avaya/Nortel CS2100, CS1000
Avaya/Nortel SL-1, Meridian 1
Avaya/Nortel AS5300
Avaya CM6/S8800
Redcom HDX