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Question Answer
Will the TMS software run on my existing (or new) computers, or do you supply new hardware with the software? K&R usually installs TMS on the hardware provided by the customer.  We provide bundled software and hardware systems upon request.
Will you modify the TMS software to handle a special requirement? Yes.  We have developed many solutions to meet requirements unique to a particular site.  Costs for such changes are reasonable, and we will furnish (upon request) the names of accounts that have utilized this service.
Do you have reference accounts for TMS? Yes.  We will gladly supply a list of reference accounts.  A number of our current users decided to buy TMS after seeing the software in operation at other user sites.  We recommend this form of evaluation highly because we believe that it gives a complete and realistic view of the actual capabilities of a telecommunications management system.
Is your telephone management system easy to use? Yes, at least most of our customers think so. This question is subjective, and we recommend that you contact several of our reference accounts, or, even better, that you try it out by visiting an installed account.
Will you convert my existing data? Yes.  Our analysts have extensive experience converting data from various systems into TMS.  Note, however, that few conversions are perfect, since there is rarely a perfect match for all fields used in two different software systems.  In general, some manual record clean-up is required (the amount varies greatly).

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