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Directory Listings and Electronic Directory modules

Telephone directory maintenance, assistance, printing and export

TMS offers two different modules for telephone directory maintenance and access. The legacy Electronic Directory module is used by many customers for directory assistance and directory publishing, and is still available for existing customers. The Directory Listings module (new for TMS version 5.4) is a much more general application with fewer restrictions (but no directory publishing built in).

Both offer quick-response directory assistance.


  • Multi-user directory assistance
  • Quick and simple information retrieval for directory assistance operators
  • Manage simple directories, such as personnel listings
  • Manage complex directories to reflect hierarchical structures, including listing routing codes, room numbers, and organization names
  • Operators can continue queries while files are maintained - updates appear immediately

Features unique to the Directory Listings module:

  • Maintains an unlimited number of directories (record layout customized by K&R Support)
  • Listing records can contain up to 255 fields, 2048 bytes maximum
  • Direct editing from other TMS modules
  • Automatic updates from other TMS modules can be configured
  • Built-in export options for text files (tab- or space-delimited), Excel spreadsheets or XML files
  • Standard TMS utilities are available for importing data
  • Access via ODBC is possible

Features unique to the Electronic Directory module:

  • Maintains up to 50 directories with user-defined content
  • Listing records are limited to 10 text fields, 78 characters maximum
  • Maintains a current database for printing an up-to-date, camera-ready telephone directory
  • Option to automate the creation of a formatted directory in MS Word
  • Directories can be exported to a text file only
  • Only indirect editing from other TMS modules